Asset Management

bridport’s investment process attempts to always provide clients with a positive return, irrespective of underlying market conditions, rather than tracking a benchmark and accepting that an investor’s money will succeed or fail with it.

About Us

Bridport asset management division was first established in Jersey in 2001 and has been successfully providing income solutions and capital preservation strategies for our valued clients utilising our wealth of experience in global fixed income markets.

Our experienced and specialist managers all share a conviction that active management adds value to our client’s investments, by combining macroeconomic analysis for the longer term view, with tactical strategies and sourcing value from our choice of bond investments.

Our Principals

  • We are independent and owner managed
  • We deliver disciplined investment strategies without excessive risk
  • We work closely, openly and honestly with clients to achieve their aims and build strong, long-term relationships
  • Our approach to active investment management is flexible and goes beyond benchmarks

Discretionary Management

Bridport’s Jersey office provide bespoke discretionary portfolio management primarily for income solutions on behalf of private clients, financial intermediary firms, trustees, pension funds, corporate entities and clients of Financial Advisors. We will fully manage all aspects of the client’s portfolio based around an agreed investment objective and within pre-defined risk parameters.

Execution Only

We offer an execution only service to those clients who prefer to make their own investments decisions and do not require any investment advice or monitoring of their portfolio by ourselves.


The asset management team also manage a suite of fixed income funds in both sterling and euro denominated bond markets.

The funds can also be accessed via various investment platforms such as Praemium.

The Jersey office also has a team of dedicated fixed income traders who have relationships with over 200 professional counterparties, giving them extensive access to global bond market-makers and by not acting as market-makers themselves or owning any in-house positions, are truly independent and conflict free in the execution services that they provide.


We outsource custody of our client’s assets to a locally based, well established, reputable international private bank which means that not only do our clients receive the services of our asset management team, they also receive a fully integrated investment and banking service, providing a host of additional benefits:

  • High quality consolidated client valuation, cash & trading statements and performance reporting
  • Current accounts enabling transactions such as standing orders, direct debits and electronic cash payments
  • Platinum Visa debit cards in sterling, euro’s and US dollars
  • Sterling cheque books
  • Bank accounts in 15 major global currencies
  • Full range of treasury related services including spot and forward foreign exchange facilities
  • Fixed term, enhanced and structured deposits in any major currency
  • Wholsesale and institutional deposits
  • Bespoke secured lending services
  • Portfolio gearing/leveraging
  • 24 hour online access to client portfolio’s, statements and reporting
  • Provision of consolidated tax reports

Process of Optimisation

For every individual investment asset, we are able to measure the level of return over a period, and the level of risk taken to achieve that return. These two measurements change continually, so there will be times when an asset offers a higher than average level of return for a lower than average level of risk, and conversely, times when it will offer a lower than average (or even negative) level of return for a higher than average level of risk. Finding the former, and avoiding the latter, is the simple key to successful investment management.

bridport analyse risk and return data for every major asset class on a monthly basis. Each asset is then ranked according to its risk / return ratio, and those given the highest return for a single percentage of risk are given the highest weighting within that month’s asset allocation. Assets showing a loss for the period assessed are excluded from the asset allocation each month. This is the process of Optimisation.


A range of risk levels

Our range of funds offer investors differing levels of risk. The risk of each fund is determined by the constantly changing levels of cash and investments held. (The actual risk taken is determined by a measurement of volatility called Standard Deviation – S.D.).



Risk Level 1
Target 1% S.D.

Risk Level 2
Target 3% S.D.

Risk Level 3
Target 5% S.D.

Risk Level 4
Target 7% S.D.

Risk Level 5
Target 9% S.D.

No S.D. Target

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asset management

Asset Management

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