Firmly on the Side of Our Clients for Fixed Income Services

Added Value

Attention is focused on client’s objectives

We do

  • Build long-term relationships with every client
  • Provide timely execution of orders in fixed income
  • Provide impartial advice and assistance on purchases and sales of securities, not compromised by possessing a primary or secondary trading book
  • Provide impartial advice on bond portfolio management. This includes bond selection, regular portfolio monitoring and analysis, as well as tactical and strategic advice.
  • Optimise bond selection
  • Invest in technology to develop indicators and models based over the years on experience of portfolio analysis undertaken on behalf of major Swiss and international institutional investors.
    Our own indicators:
    • Value Rank – ascertains if the differential to the swap of a bond is amongst the cheapest or the most expensive of comparable bonds in terms of both rating and life to workout date
    • Liquidity Rank – in-house liquidity measurement index
    • Credit Review – in-house scoring model on credit, based on quantitative analysis
  • Ensure extreme discretion in the processing of orders and rigorous follow-up of positions held by our clients
  • Invest in technology to offer innovative means of execution
  • Provide impartial quantitative and qualitative research publications
  • Give you access to primary market bond transactions with the innovative Live Bookbuilding  of    

We do not

  • Own positions at any time, even intra-day
  • Act as market makers
  • “Broker” professional market makers
  • Underwrite securities

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