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bridport & co: your access to the best prices in the fixed income markets.

Execution of orders is an ever-changing challenge for which we have a dedicated team of specialists. Strong market contacts have been developed with more than 200 professional counterparties from major financial institutions to small specialised boutiques worldwide.

Our clients’ benefits:
We provide professional access to:

  • All fixed income securities with a focus on straight and convertible bonds
  • All euroclearable currencies
  • Global and domestic markets

Execution services also include:

  • Monitoring limit orders
  • Informing on forthcoming new issues and subscribing on client’s behalf
  • Accessing markets at all times, even during periods of crisis – our network of institutional end-investors often enables us to trade away from the professional market by matching complimentary investor appetites and providing discrete execution particularly for market sensitive and illiquid orders.
  • Access to bond primary market transactions through the innovative Live Bookbuilding of   Through our partner Loanboox, the leading debt capital market plarform, you have the possibility to participate in primary market bond transactions of public-sector authorities (cities and cantons) as well as big corporations with an innovative Live Bookbuilding. Thanks to this cooperation, we can give you access to these transactions which are otherwise only accessible for Loanboox clients (only institutional investors with a professional treasury department).

E-trading solutions

Our continued investment in technology enables us to adapt to and satisfy the different client needs: Orders are accepted through traditional channels (telephone, email, Bloomberg IB Chat) and by electronic connectivity via FIX or Bloomberg TSOX.

In-house settlement

Since prompt clearing of transactions is crucial in building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, we place huge importance on efficient and automated settlements capability. Our in-house team ensures prompt settlement, payment and resolution. We have our own accounts in Euroclear, Clearstream and SIX SIS. We also offer pre-matching with Omgeo.

Why choose bridport & co?

Few companies in the market have the range, connections, knowledge, expertise or resources to execute trades in fixed income markets. A call to bridport is a call to two networks:

  • 200 professional counterparties from major financial institutions to small specialised boutiques worldwide.
  • 500 institutional end-investors, often enabling us to transact away from the professional market by matching complementary requirements, providing discreet improved execution, ensuring better opportunities to deal with liquidity problems and market sensitive securities.

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