Quality service, superior EXECUTION

Our reputation as one of the leading experts in fixed income markets has been built on the quality of the network established by our execution team. It comprises more than 275 professional counterparties all over the world, from major financial institutions to small specialised boutiques.

We provide professional access to:

  • All fixed income securities with a focus on straight and convertible bonds
  • All euroclearable currencies
  • Global and domestic markets (also with an emphasis on US domestic corporate bonds).

Execution services allow us to:

  • Accept and monitor limit orders
  • Inform of forthcoming new issues
  • Access markets at all times, even during crises – our network of institutional end-investors often enables us to trade away from the professional market by matching complimentary investor appetites and providing discrete execution particularly for market sensitive and illiquid orders.

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E-trading solutions

Orders are accepted through traditional channels (telephone, email, Bloomberg IB Chat) and by electronic connectivity via FIX or Bloomberg TSOX.

In-house settlement

We have a specialised in-house team that ensures efficient and prompt trade settlement. We have our own accounts in Euroclear, Clearstream and SIX SIS. We also offer pre-matching with Omgeo.

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Execution Team


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