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bridport & co brings you dedicated fixed income research.

Investors regularly face challenges in fixed income. During the phases of market uncertainty or during a crisis, clear and timely information is essential. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, bridport & co have the expertise, experience and a strong network to help overcome these challenges.

bridport & co is focused on delivering tailor-made solutions that best suit investor needs and interests. Our in-house financial analysis assists clients with every facet of fixed income investment. The bridport research team regularly provides clients with concise information on global fixed income based on our underlying philosophy:

  • Independence,
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Focus on long-only investors

Our Services in Financial Analysis

We regularly publish detailed notes on strategy, market events or issuers. Clients can call us for bespoke advice on specific topics.
Our key publication the “Investment Case” focuses on themes, an industry sector or a specific bond and provides tactical and strategic opportunities. It contains a short selection of bonds related to an investment idea.

Other publications include:

  • A daily ratings and new issues report
  • “Credit News” – news and opinions on current market situations and events
  • “Credit Review” – classifying issuers according to the strength of their credit metrics, based on quantitative analysis
  • “Monthly Review” – summarising the major events which have impacted the fixed income markets
  • “Strategy” – providing quarterly a medium-term view (12-18 months) on the USD, EUR, CHF and GBP markets.

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