The bridport’s execution services provides transparent, fast and competitive execution in both domestic and international markets in all currencies. We speak to over 275 international and domestic counterparties.


Our added-value

  • Our established and trusted relationships with counterparties allow us extensive market access, even in times of great market instability
  • We are able to provide discreet execution for market-sensitive and illiquid orders
  • Thanks to our proprietary Order Management System, you can place limited orders with us
  • You can also place transactions with us electronically, in a transparent, cost efficient and timely manner via your own platform using FIX or alternatively via Bloomberg using TSOX
  • Our varied institutional client base frequently enables us to trade away from the street by matching different investor appetites



We settle all transactions delivery versus payment and aim to confirm within two hours.
bridport is a member of Euroclear, Clearstream and SIX SIS . We use Oasys as a post-trade, pre-settlement matching system to ensure transactions are processed efficiently.

advisory services


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We provide transparent, fast
and competitive execution.



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in this volatile world.

asset management

Asset Management

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