The main objective of the bridport’s research services  is to provide clients with regular research on the global fixed income markets. We are different, as our research relies on three specific pillars:

  • independence, no conflict-of interest *
  • focus on long-only investors
  • keep it short and simple


Our Publications

Our key publications are our investment cases. In fact, we regularly provide specific tactical and strategic market opportunities and then we actively follow these recommendations.

Our other publications include:

  • A quarterly strategy which provides a medium-term view on the markets
  • A market focus highlighting particular macro situation or particular fixed income event
  • A credit model which classifies issuers according to their solvency
  • A monthly review of what has happened in the fixed income markets during the month
  • A daily ratings and new issues which  informs on major credit changes and on new issues


Other services

In addition, bridport’s research services also assist clients with convertible parity lists in Europe, USA and Asia:

  • Building up a fixed income strategy
  • Providing investment ideas
  • Highlighting important events in the bonds markets
  • Analysing a borrower’s credit standing
  • Analysing a client’s portfolio using our proprietary analytical tool, Keox

* We remind you that our statutes prohibit the firm from taking positions, even intra-day, and  that the group is majority owned by employees. As a result, there are no possible conflicts of interest affecting our recommendations.


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